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Scalable video production services for fitness


Over the last 20 years, we've flown under-the-radar crafting products and content for the biggest brands in commercial fitness. We combined our passions for multi-media, fitness and tech, with our mission to Surve. Read more

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Jeremy Ruff

"The fitness industry is slowly but surely moving away from legacy systems, processes and thinking. We're seeing infrastructure investments that meet the needs of today's club members, but with an eye fixed on the future. It's exciting to build out the automation, tools and processes that will support a club's digital strategy well into the future."

Co-Founder & COO | One of the only people we know that speaks geek & stakeholder. Solving systems, product, & people problems while mixing audio is a day in the life for Jeremy. He's our glue.

Who is behind this?

Cameron Chinatti

"Historically fitness video production has been expensive, time consuming and results in very few releases. Today's consumers demand a high volume of content to choose from and at a high quality. While Zoom classes don't do your brand justice, building your own sound-stage and content division might not be the best use of your resources. We delight in serving global solutions that you never knew were possible."

Co-Founder & CEO | A leading authority in the fittech revolution, Cam has worked hand-in-hand with the largest commercial fitness accounts in the world; she brings your vision to life.

Our mission

As a public benefit corporation, we are radically devoted to serving those that the fitness industry has traditionally failed. As a Surve Productions customer you become part of the solution! Proceeds from every purchase order are dedicated to building health and wellness opportunities where currently there are few. Together we can Surve Well.

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What we do?

We produce fitness video content at scale. Our specialty in long-distance, fast-turnaround production is what we're known for. If you have talented instructors, a need for building a professional offering of virtual, on-demand workouts and a desire to reach new market segments, we should talk.

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